What is TOSIBOX?   

The inventors of Operational Technology (OT) networking & operational infrastructure.
  • Where is the value?  The automation, ease, usability, scalability, affordability and the cybersecurity.
  • What’s it used for? To connect anything. For data collection.  For access control. For remote maintenance.  All automated. All secure.
  • What can you connect to TOSIBOX? Anything! Trains, planes, any server, device, VFD, PLC, cameras, cars, you name it. We’ve automated in seconds what used to take days or weeks to do.



  • Self-creating OT networks. Eliminating human error.
  • No 3rd party cloud providers (data privacy)
  • Point to Point data flow with 256-bit AES Encryption
  • All networks Physical First Multi-Factor Authenticated, (like your ATM Card).
  • No static or public IP Addresses; No Dynamic DNS Server Farms
  • Automated Firewall. Works automatically behind firewall
  • Never an inbound port. Outbound ports only.
  • Secure Boot
  • Over-The-Air updates for all security and software updates

Why use TOSIBOX?

  • Why would a big company use Tosibox?
    1. Cost reduction since less time and labor needed to deploy and maintain infrastructure
    2. Can connect their OT World without having to recreate their IT World.
    3. Elimination of costs due to Private Networks from Telecoms
    4. Advanced automated Cyber Security
    5. Elimination of Static IPs
    6. Fast and easy implementation
  • Why would a small company use Tosibox? All of the above plus to level the playing field, do things they couldn't previously do without expensive headcount. 
  • Tosibox is the only product purpose-designed for operational networking.


  • What do you mean you’ve taken the complication out of networking?  Now, networks create, secure and heal themselves with no IT knowledge. The networks you can create in 10 seconds are more secure than what a traditional IT professional would build.
  • What makes TOSIBOX so secure? No human error. No public IP addresses. Physical First MFA (like your ATM Card). Never an inbound port. Firewall. Point to Point, encrypted data flow to anywhere.


  • In 10 seconds, create a Layer 2 or 3 VPN connection 
  • Build a Class A, B, or C network at every site
  • Always-on Data Acquisition
  • No subscription fees for remote access connections
  • No Static/Public IP Addresses to manage, or pay for,
  • 1-1 NAT, DHCP, VLAN, Proxy Support, Static Routing, MAC Filtering
  • No IT knowledge necessary to set up, scale and maintain
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Massive encrypted throughput
  • Works with WiFi, Broadband or Cellular
  • Eliminates reliance on legacy 3rd party VPN

What makes TOSIBOX so innovative?

  • TOSIBOX can connect Anything! Trains, planes, any server, device, VFD, PLC, cameras, cars, you name it. We’ve automated in seconds what used to take days or weeks to do.
  • Our revolutionary advantage over traditional IT like Cisco, Digi & Palo Alto is clear: scalability, usability, cost reduction, elimination of complication and unmatched, embedded, industry leading cyber security all through Tosibox Automation
  •  Our advantage over cloud-based solutions is that this product category is only a Subset of OT networking. This product category was developed for Remote Maintenance, NOT OT infrastructure. It has outlived its usefulness due to cyber security, throughput, & operational effectiveness deficiencies.
  • Tosibox is a transformational product NOT just a better product.