Digitize, Automate and Secure with Tosibox

Tosibox automates networking and cybersecurity for the built-space, allowing systems integrators to securely connect customer buildings to an SI owned, digital ecosystem. Secure remote access, multi-tenant supervisors, energy monitoring and optimization - just a few examples of digital platforms SIs have built with Tosibox infrastructure.

With the cost, complexity, and cybersecurity risk of traditional IT tools like Cisco, Fortinet, and Tempered Networks eliminated, Tosibox systems integrators are able to transform their business from set-it and forget it builds with sporadic, on-demand service calls to a model that continuously engages their customer base and generates predictable, recurring revenue.

This is the winning strategy for systems integrators in the modern era.

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TOSIBOX University - No IT Skills Needed

These videos will explain the automation and fundamentals of your new Services Platform.
Watch the "Platform Overview" video first. Then start your step-by-step journey.

TOSIBOX University - Video Series

You are a Building Automation Master already familiar with Tosibox BAS Infrastructure technology.
Below is our Master Class Series highlighting our OEM and Application partners. Check back often for new additions.

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